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Version: v2.2.x LTS

Version 2.1.0 (June 2022)

Version 2.1.0 (June 2022)

Welcome to the Version 2.1.0 release of Zowe!

See New features and enhancements for a full list of changes to the functionality. See Bug fixes for a list of issues addressed in this release.

Download v2.1.0 build: Want to try new features as soon as possible? You can download the V2.1.0 build from

New features and enhancements#

Zowe API Mediation Layer#

  • Added trivial schema files for lib components. Updated manifests to remove build metadata (#2379) (6eba58f), closes #2379
  • Extended API operation filter in the Swagger UI (#2397) (cffd6cf), closes #2397
  • Generate basic code snippets (#2387) (79c67d0), closes #2387
  • New endpoint to retrieve default API doc for service (#2327) (502ba3c), closes #2327
  • Enhanced Discovery service health check (#2312) (2f167ff), closes #2312
  • Support for TLS v1.3 (#2314) (e96135a), closes #2314 #2269
  • Enhanced x509 authentication scheme to support client certificates (#2285) (a053b00), closes #2285
  • Enhanced zowejwt authentication scheme to support client certificates (#2292) (c602080), closes #2292
  • Enhanced z/OSMF authentication scheme to support client certificates (#2207) (5750072), closes #2207
  • Added support to change password via z/OSMF (#2095) (51e8bd3), closes #2095
  • Enabled Discovery Service and Gateway Service native library extensions (#1987) (fd03db5), closes #1987
  • Added methods for ZaaS client to support password change (#1991) (7597bd7), closes #1991
  • API ML sample extension (#1947) (a085cf3), closes #1947

Zowe Application Framework#

USS Explorer contains the following enhancement.

  • Added the feature to download a file.

MVS Explorer contains the following enhancement.

  • Disabled the submit button and gave a warning message in Dialogs when dataset or dataset member name is invalid.

JES Explorer contains the following enhancements.

  • Highlighted the selected Jobs and Job Files.
  • Updated the Job tree when a job is deleted or cancelled.
  • Added * support for job ID.
  • Added app2app arguments: expand - Boolean that says to expand the job. In a list of jobs, this expands the first result. showDD - string that auto-opens any dataset definition with this name when expanding the job.

Zowe CLI#

Zowe CLI contains the following enhancements and changes.

Zowe CLI (Core)#

  • Updated the zowe config auto-init command to allow using certificates for authentication. (#1359)
  • Exposed profile type configuration from the respective SDKs.
  • Added the zowe zos-jobs view all-spool-content command to view all spool content given a job ID. (#946)
  • Added the zowe jobs submit uss-file command to submit a job from a USS file. (#1286)
  • Added the zowe files view data-set and the zowe files view uss-file commands to view a data set or a USS file. (#1283)
  • Added the zowe jobs delete old-jobs command to delete (purge) jobs in OUTPUT status. (#1285)

Zowe CLI Imperative Framework#

  • Added the ability for CLIs and Plug-ins to override some of the prompting logic if an alternate property is set.
  • Introduced the --show-inputs-only flag to show the inputs of the command that would be used if a command were executed.
  • Added the dark theme mode to web help that is automatically used when system-wide dark mode is enabled.
  • Added environmental variable support to the ProfileInfo APIs by defaulting homeDir to cliHome. (#1777)

Bug fixes#

Zowe API Mediation Layer#

  • Add log masking class for sensitive logs (#2003) (994b483), closes #2003
  • API Catalog swagger link (#2344) (be07fda), closes #2344
  • Use same key and record lengths as jcl (#2341) (d8644f2), closes #2341
  • Add server-side logging for swagger handling code (#2328) (7b0455d), closes #2328
  • Preserve request cookies (#2293) (71c6649), closes #2293 #2269
  • ZaaS client compatibility with Zowe v2 (#2227) (abdf995), closes #2227
  • Add BearerContent filter to enable bearer auth (#2197) (1d41704), closes #2197
  • Configure southbound timeout with APIML_GATEWAY_TIMEOUT_MILLIS (#2154) (6af5d6f), closes #2154
  • Improve error handling for API diff endpoint (#2178) (1581e39), closes #2178
  • Update data model for infinispan storage in Caching service (#2156) (38a1348), closes #2156
  • Versioning in image publishing workflow (#2159) (db52527), closes #2159
  • Add x509 auth info to gw api doc (#2142) (0205470), closes #2142
  • Properly remove services when instances are removed from Discovery Service (#2128) (c675b91), closes #2128
  • Use ribbon LB for Web sockets (#2147) (4751dbc), closes #2147
  • Add missing fields in error response (#2118) (3b9745c), closes #2118
  • Do not require keyAlias for SSL configuration (#2110) (03bee79), closes #2110

Zowe CLI#

Zowe CLI (Core)#

Zowe CLI (Core) contains the following bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where config auto-init could report that it modified a config file that did not yet exist.
  • Updated Imperative to fix the config import and config secure commands that were not respecting the --reject-unauthorized option.
  • Fixed an issue where privateKey is not being respected. (#1398 and #1392)
  • Moved the authConfig object from the core SDK into the CLI's base profile definition to fix invalid handler path.
  • Fixed an issue where SSH command waits forever when user has expired password. (#989)
  • Fixed the name of the positional in zowe zos-jobs submit uss-file command.
  • Updated the description of the zowe zos-jobs view all-spool-content command.
  • Updated the descriptions of the zowe zos-files view uss-file and zowe zos-files view data-set commands.
  • Removed the zowe zos-files view uss-file <file> --record option.
  • Fixed the description of the zowe zos-jobs delete command group.
  • Added the --modify-version option to the zowe zos-jobs delete old-jobs command for feature parity with zowe zos-jobs delete job.
  • Updated Imperative to address ProfileInfo related issues.

Zowe CLI Imperative Framework#

Zowe CLI Imperative Framework contains the following bug fixes:

  • Fixed ProfileInfo API argTeamConfigLoc not recognizing secure fields in multi-layer operations. (#800)

  • Fixed ProfileInfo API updateKnownProperty possibly storing information in the wrong location due to optional osLoc information. (#800)

  • Fixed osLoc information returning project level paths instead of the global layer. (#805)

  • Fixed autoStore not being checked by updateKnownProperty. (#806)

  • Fixed the plugins uninstall command failing when there is a space in the install path.

  • Fixed an issue where config auto-init might fail to create project config when global config already exists. (#810)

  • Fixed config secure not respecting the rejectUnauthorized property in team config. (#813)

  • Fixed config import not respecting the rejectUnauthorized property in team config. (#816)

  • Updated the cli-table3 dependency for performance improvements.

  • Fixed config init not replacing empty values with prompted for values in team config. (#821)

  • Fixed config init saving empty string values to config file when prompt was skipped.

  • Fixed skipping load of secure property values.

  • Improved the performance of ConfigLayers.activate by skipping config reload if the active layer directory has not changed.

  • Removed the async keyword from the method and the ConfigLayers.write method because they do not contain asynchronous code.

  • Fixed ProfileInfo.readProfilesFromDisk failing when team config files and old-school profile directory do not exist.

  • Fixed ProfileInfo.updateProperty not updating properties that are newly present after reloading team config.

    Note: If you are developing an SDK that uses the ProfileInfo API, use the method ProfileInfo.getTeamConfig instead of ImperativeConfig.instance.config which may contain outdated config or be undefined.

  • Fixed ProfileInfo API not detecting secure credential manager after profiles have been reloaded.

Zowe Application Framework#

USS Explorer contains the following fix.

  • Fixed the bug where opening a file fails when USS path has / at the end.

JES Explorer contains the following fixes.

  • Fixed bug where URL requests fail when using # character in prefix.
  • Fixed a bug where using app2app params at launch would not use desired data.

Zowe Explorer#

  • Fixed Quick-key Delete in USS and Jobs trees. #1821
  • Fixed issue with Zowe Explorer crashing during initialization due to Zowe config file errors. #1822
  • Fixed issue where Spool files failed to open when credentials were not stored in a profile. #1823
  • Fixed extra space in the Invalid Credentials dialog, at profile validation profilename. #1824
  • Updated dependencies for improved security. #1819
  • Fixed USS search filter fails on credential-less profiles. #1811
  • Fixed Zowe Explorer recognizing environment variable ZOWE_CLI_HOME. #1803
  • Fixed Zowe Explorer prompting for TSO Account number when saved in config file's TSO profile. #1801
  • Improved logging information to help diagnose Team Profile issues. #1776
  • Fixed adding profiles to the tree view on Theia. #1774
  • Updated Log4js version to resolve initialization problem on Eclipse Che. #1692
  • Fixed dataset upload issue by trimming labels. #1789
  • Fixed duplicate jobs appearing in the jobs view upon making an owner/prefix filter search for extenders. #1780
  • Fixed error displayed when opening a job file for extenders. #1701