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Version: v2.6.x LTS

Version 2.6.0 (January 2023)

Version 2.6.0 (January 2023)

Welcome to the Zowe Version 2.6.0 release!

See New features and enhancements for a full list of changes to the functionality. See Bug fixes for a list of issues addressed in this release.

Download v2.6.0 build: Want to try new features as soon as possible? You can download the v2.6.0 build from

New features and enhancements#

Zowe Version 2.6.0 contains the enhancements that are described in the following topics.

Zowe API Mediation Layer#

  • Spring Cloud Gateway implementation - Support of remapping to Passticket (#2046)

  • Spring Cloud Gateway implementation - Support of remapping to client certificate (#2044)

Zowe Explorer#

  • Added Job search prefix validator. (#1971)

  • Added file association for zowe.config.json and zowe.config.user.json to automatically detect them as JSON with Comments. (#1997)

  • Added the ability to list all datasets, even those with Imperative Errors. (#235, #2036)

  • Added favorite job query to jobs view. (#1947)

  • Added confirmation message for "Submit Job" feature as an option in extension settings (set to "All jobs" by default). (#998)

  • Updated error dialog when Zowe config is invalid, with option to "Show Config" within VS Code for diagnostics. (#1986)

Bug fixes#

Zowe Version 2.6.0 contains the bug fixes that are described in the following topics.

Zowe installation and packaging#

  • When a component configure script failed during startup, no warning would be printed. Starting in 2.6, a warning will be printed and there's also an option to prevent Zowe from continuing startup when this failure is seen, by setting zowe.launchScript.onComponentConfigureFail to "exit".

  • Tar archived components would not be installed when zowe.useConfigmgr=true was set.

  • Various bugfixes made for reading and writing of parmlib configuration files when using the PARMLIB() syntax with zwe commands or the ZWESLSTC job.

  • Revised help documentation syntax for substitution values to fix auto-documentation, by changing angle brackets to square brackets.

Zowe Application Framework#

zLUX Editor#

  • Getting 400 BAD REQUEST in browser when opening the file or dataset in a new browser tab.

Zowe API Mediation Layer#

  • Improve the information for failure of extension loading (#2721)

  • Correctly process metadata for the Plain Java Enabler running on z/OS (#1927)

Zowe CLI#

Zowe CLI (Core)#

  • Removed all line break encodings from strings for zos-files compare local-file-data-set (#1528)

Zowe CLI Imperative Framework#

  • Exported AppSettings for CLI and other applications to use. (#840)

  • Exported the IAuthHandlerApi from imperative package. (#839)

  • Fixed ProfileInfo API failing to load schema for v1 profile when schema exists but no profiles of that type exist. (#645)

  • Updated return type of ProfileInfo.getDefaultProfile method to indicate that it returns null when no profile exists for the specified type.

  • Fixed a logic error where chained command handlers would cause plugin validation to fail. (#320)

  • Fixed IO.writeFileAsync method throwing uncatchable errors. (#896)

z/OS FTP Plug-in for Zowe CLI#

  • Updated the list jobs command to throw an error when an invalid prefix or owner is specified. (Zowe Explorer #1971)

Zowe Explorer#

  • Updated UI/UX method calls to use standalone Gui module for better usability and maintainability. (#1967)

  • Fixed issue where responseTimeout (in Zowe config) was not provided for supported API calls. (#1907)

  • Fixed lack of legibility when "Show Attributes" feature displayed unsuitable colors with light Visual Studio Code themes. (#2048)

  • Fixed settings not persisting in Theia versions >=1.29.0. (#2065)

  • Fixed issue with a success message being returned along with error for Job deletion. (#2075)

  • Removed extra files from the VSIX bundle to reduce download size by 64%. (#2042)

  • Surfaced any errors from a data set Recall/Migrate operation. (#2032)

  • Re-implemented regular dataset API call if the dataSetsMatching does not exist. (#2084)

Vulnerabilities fixed#

Zowe discloses fixed vulnerabilities in a timely manner giving you sufficient time to plan your upgrades. Zowe does not disclose the vulnerabilities fixed in the latest release as we respect the need for at least 45 days to decide when and how you upgrade Zowe. When a new release is published, Zowe publishes the vulnerabilities fixed in the previous release. For more information about the Zowe security policy, see the Security page on the Zowe website.

The following security issues were fixed by the Zowe security group in version 2.5:

  • BDSA-2018-5235
  • CVE-2018-10237 (BDSA-2018-1358)
  • CVE-2020-8908 (BDSA-2020-3736)
  • CVE-2022-42003 (BDSA-2022-2765)
  • CVE-2022-42004 (BDSA-2022-2768)
  • CVE-2022-38752 (BDSA-2022-2590)
  • BDSA-2022-2584
  • BDSA-2022-2585
  • BDSA-2022-2586