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Version: v2.5.x LTS

Interacting with Zowe Chat

Interacting with Zowe Chat

You can interact with Zowe Chat by mouse navigation or issuing commands.

Mouse navigation#

Zowe Chat supports users to click buttons, dropdown menu, and other clickable components in chat to query information, drill down content, etc.

Interacting through commands#

You can also mention "@" the bot user and issue commands to interact with Zowe Chat. Zowe Chat supports Zowe Chat commands and Zowe CLI commands.

Zowe Chat commands#

You can issue Zowe Chat commands in the following format:

<scope> <resource> <action> <object> <Positional Arguments> [Options]

For example,

zos job list status [jobID] --owner | -o <owner> --prefix | -p <prefix>

For detailed Zowe Chat commands, see Zowe Chat command reference.

Zowe CLI commands#

You can also issue Zowe CLI commands to perform operations, such as help and z/OS resource management including z/OS job, data set, USS file, error code, and console command. Theorytically, most of Zowe CLI commands are supported as long as it is excutable with single-submit.

  • Zowe CLI must be installed on your Zowe Chat server first before you can issue Zowe CLI commands.
  • Zowe Chat currently does not support the Zowe CLI command-line interactive or "prompt" feature that asks you to provide required option values.

For detailed CLI commands, see Zowe CLI command reference.