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Version: v2.4.x LTS

Configuring JCERACFKS certificates in a key ring

Configuring JCERACFKS certificates in a key ring

Zowe is able to work with certificates held in a z/OS Keyring.

The JCL member .SZWESAMP(ZWEKRING) contains the security commands to create a keyring named ZoweKeyring and manage the certificate and certificate authoritie (CA) used by Zowe's servers to encrypt TLS communications. The JCL contains commands for three z/OS security managers: RACF, TopSecret, and ACF/2.

There are two ways to configure and submit ZWEKRING.

  • Customize and submit the ZWEKRING JCL member.
  • Customize the zowe.setup.certificate section in zowe.yaml and use the zwe init certificate command.

If you use the zwe init certificate command this will prepare a customized JCL member using ZWEKRING as a template.

A number of keytring scenarios are supported

  • Creation of a local certificate authority (CA) which is used to sign a locally generated certificate, both of which are placed into the ZoweKeyring.
  • Importing an existing certificate already held in z/OS to the ZoweKeyring for use by Zowe.
  • Creation of a locally generated certificated and signing it with an existing certificate authority, and placing the certificate into the key ring.

Create a certificate authority and use it to self sign a certificate#

The zwe init security command takes its input from the section in zowe.yaml. To help with customizing the file there are five sections in the file

Create a self signed JCERACFKS certificate#

The following zowe.yaml example will generate:

  • A JCERACFKS certificate, specified in zowe.setup.certificate.type
  • A keyring named ZoweKeyring specified in
  • A certificate with the label localhost specified in zowe.setup.certificate.keyring.label
  • A certificate authority with the label localca specified in zowe.setup.certificate.keyring.caLabel with a common name Zowe Service CA.
zowe:  setup:    certificate:      # Type of certificate storage. Valid values are: PKCS12 or JCERACFKS      type: JCERACFKS      keyring:        name: Zowe Keyring        label: localhost        caLabel: localca      dname:        caCommonName: Zowe Service CA        commonName:        orgUnit:        org:        locality:        state:        country:      validity: 3650

The follow command output shows generation of a self signed JCERACFKS certificate using the default values. Some detailed output messages have been omitted.

When the command is run a customized JCL member name in created the CUST.JCLLIB data set. The PDS name is defined in the zowe.setup.dataset.jcllib property. In the sample below the PDS meember WINCHJ.ZWEV2.CUST.JCLLIB(ZW101431) is created that contains the security manager commands and then submitted as a job ID ZWEKRING(JOB03054).

#>zwe init certificate -c ./zowe.yaml --update-config------------------------------------------------------------------------------->> Generate Zowe certificate in keyring
>>>> Modify ZWEKRING    - IBMUSER.ZWEV2.CUST.JCLLIB(ZW101431) is prepared>>>> Submit IBMUSER.ZWEV2.CUST.JCLLIB(ZW101431)    - Job ZWEKRING(JOB03054) ends with code 0 (COMPLETED).>> Certificate is generated in keyring successfully.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------->> Update certificate configuration to ./zowe.yaml>> Zowe configuration is updated successfully.

Even though the job ends with code 0 there may be failures in the individual steps. It is advised to check the job output. The security manager commands in the job will be generated based on the value of, and the job steps for each product are broken apart by security manager.

Because the --update-config parmarater was specified the runtime configuration section of zowe.yaml is updated to match the values to the generated keystore, certificate, and certificate authority.
Note: zowe.certificate.keystore.password has a hardcoded password field. However, if you are using type: PKCS12, the password field must be the real password.

zowe:  certificate:    keystore:      alias: localhost      password: 'password'      file: safkeyring:////ZWESVUSR/ZoweKeyring      type: JCERACFKS    truststore:      type: JCERACFKS      file: safkeyring:////ZWESVUSR/ZoweKeyring      password:    pem:      key:      certificate:      certificateAuthorities: safkeyring:////ZWESVUSR/ZoweKeyring&localca