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Version: v2.3.x LTS



Before you install the Zowe server container, make sure that you have the required software and environments.

  • Zowe installed on z/OS for users of ZSS and ZIS (default when you use the Zowe Application Framework app-server, the Zowe Desktop, or products that are based on them)

  • z/OSMF installed on z/OS for users of it (default when you use gateway, API Mediation Layer, Web Explorers, or products that are based on them)

  • A container runtime, such as:

    • Docker
    • CRI-O
    • containerd
  • Kubernetes Cluster software

  • kubectl, for initial setup and management of the cluster

Note: This documentation uses container terminology that may be explained within the Kubernetes Glossary.

Kubernetes cluster#

The Zowe containerization solution is compatible with Kubernetes v1.19+ or OpenShift v4.6+.

You can prepare a Kubernetes cluster based on your requirements in many different ways.

kubectl tool#

You need kubectl CLI tool installed on your local computer where you want to manage the Kubernetes cluster. For instructions on how to install the kubectl tool, see Install Tools in the Kubernetes documentation.