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Version: v2.3.x LTS

Installing Zowe SMP/E build with z/OSMF workflow

Installing Zowe SMP/E build with z/OSMF workflow

z/OSMF workflow simplifies the procedure to create an SMP/E environment for Zowe. Register and execute the Zowe SMP/E workflow to create SMP/E environment in the z/OSMF web interface. Perform the following steps to register and execute the Zowe workflow in the z/OSMF web interface:

  1. Log in to the z/OSMF web interface.

  2. Select Workflows from the navigation tree.

  3. Select Create Workflow from the Actions menu.

  4. Enter the complete path to the workflow definition file in the Workflow Definition filed.

    The workflow is located in the ZWEWRF01 member of the hlq.ZOWE.AZWE002.F4 data set.

  5. (Optional) Enter the path to the customized variable input file that you prepared in advance.

    The variable input file is located in ZWEYML01 member of the hlq.ZOWE.AZWE002 data set.

    Create a copy of the variable input file. Modify the file as necessary according to the built-in comments. Set the field to the path where the new file is located. When you execute the workflow, the values from the variable input file override the workflow variables default values.

  6. Select the system where you want to execute the workflow.

  7. Select Next.

  8. Specify the unique workflow name.

  9. Select or enter an Owner Use ID and select Assign all steps to owner user ID.

  10. Select Finish.

    The workflow is registered in z/OSMF and ready to execute.

  11. Select the workflow that you registered from the workflow list.

  12. Execute the steps in order.

    For general information about how to execute z/OSMF workflow steps, watch the z/OSMF Workflows Tutorial.

  13. Perform the following steps to execute each step individually:

    1. Double-click the title of the step.

    2. Select the Perform tab.

    3. Review the step contents and update the input values as required.

    4. Select Next.

    5. Repeat the previous two steps to complete all items until the option Finish is available.

    6. Select Finish.

      After you execute each step, the step is marked as Complete. The workflow is executed.

After you complete executing all the steps individually, the Zowe SMP/E is created.

Activating Zowe#

File system execution#

If you mount the file system in which you have installed Zowe in read-only mode during execution, then you do not have to take further actions to activate Zowe.

Zowe customization#

You can find the necessary information about customizing and using Zowe on the Zowe doc site.